Characteristics of the Parrot AR Drone

Controlling this Parrot AR Drone Helicopter is an absolute blast on its own because you have to adjust the tilt of the device’s compatible Apple device controller to change directions. The fun is enhanced by the stunning video images that you can enjoy and the movements on the screen that are used to increase speed and acceleration.

One of the most innovative characteristics of the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter is the method that it steers. It is a technological breakthrough in the sense that it’s the first device controlled by full equipped gadgets like the I-phone and I-pad touch, or the I-pod with wireless connectivity. The machine can be controlled via tilting of the pay by text apple wireless controller to make direction changes, increasing or speed by using the touch and the accelerometer of the controller. This can only be done by downloading AR Free flight AR Free flight application and setting the controller into Airplane mode.

Many sensors are situated beneath the central hull of the AR drone of Parrot Helicopter to aid in steering the machine as well as its overall motion control. They include the mini Inertial Measurement Unit, which is in conjunction together with the High Speed camera located at the lower part of the device. These inertial measurements allow for automatic stabilization in flight by using pitch, yaw, and roll motions, similar to the ones used for stabilizing ships at sea. These measurements also help to improve the effectiveness of tilting motions, as that they are wireless operating. The built-in technology makes it easy to control the machine to suit all types of movements and also manage it efficiently when it comes into contact with foreign objects.

Below are step by steps to help you effortlessly steer the course of your Parrot AR Drone Helicopter to provide a pleasant flight experience.

Make sure that the batteries in the device and the controller device are charged to 100% throughout the day.

1. Download AR, the AR free flight app from the I-tunes store online. It can be installed on Apple’s Ipod touch or I-phone.

* Turn on the Apple controller to “Airplane” mode.

Turn on your Drone device and make sure your wireless connection is active.

Turn on the Wi-fi on the controller device and join the network within range of the device.

* By activating Free Flight Free Flight app within the network’s area will automatically sync the two devices.

One touch on the button for launch located at the bottom middle of the controller’s screen will bring your Drone into action. With no action it will be able to launch the Parrot AR Drone helicopter will leap up to a few feet above the ground, waiting for the controls to steer it higher and higher.

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