How to Take a Casino Vacation Trip

We don’t know how or why we decided to take a casino vacation trip or if it was even planned even but a trip we did want to visit family members in Louisiana ended up being a three week trip that included more casinos then we knew existed on the East shoreline. Starting out in countryside New york State, we headed western side for a few days on Route 84 and then turned south on Route 80. We made this trip in late August so the daily weather was not one factor and we could go in and out of the mountain areas without anxiety about running into a snowfall storm. The next thunderstorm was gorgeous, the scenery outstanding and since we had no routine to follow, we had whatever miles we wanted each day and stopped whenever a attraction caught our eye. We did have in mind to stop at some gold mining sites that we had located on the internet as a fun thing to do 홀덤사이트 and we did have a great time digging for the various treasures and even panned for some real gold.

Our first gold mining stop was in Cherokee, In. C and we had a ball. It is of course a tourist trap with baited buckets of dirt but the fun of panning and finding some small opals, emeralds or perhaps a tourmaline stone is fun nonetheless. Even as had lost track of that time period and it was late afternoon we asked if there was lodging nearby and were directed to a nearby Days Resort. Nothing fancy but clean and warm and had a restaurant where we could get a bite to eat for meal. After eating we decided to take a quick drive to see what else the area offered (it is quite remote). Just downtown was a Harrah’s Indian Casino. Since we are player card carrying Harrah’s customers, we figured organic beef as well drop in and try our luck. A usual I had none at all. My wife however, sitting a at a cent slot machine game were able to hit a jackpot worth over $2700. Pretty good, pretty good at all. That sure helped the vacation money a bit. We quickly left the casino before the money could be put back into another slot machine game.

We left Cherokee the next morning and headed further south towards Memphis to see the Elvis home site and museum and then planned ongoing to Nashville. The Elvis site took most of the day with the main house and grounds, museum and his aircraft to see. Once again we located a nearby lodge and while looking at the rooms my wife jokingly asked the clerk “Any casinos around here? inch. The clerk replied that Tunica, Mississippi was just a short drive down the road and that there lots of casinos there. Yes, off we went again. A few days later we arrived in Tunica and were simply just amazed at how many casinos line the main deprive. Harrahs, Sam’s Towns, The Palace, Fitzgerald’s Irish Casino, Bally’s, Gold Strike and so on. We found rooms at Harrahs and begun to go to the various casinos. At each casino if you join their players club, you get a card with lanyard and many have little good luck charms attached as well. We have dozens now in our collection.

We stayed in Tunica for just two days as our luck was running real well and my wife hit a position for $500 on her first $1 pull at Fitzgeralds and out the entranceway we went. We tried the different restaurants at the casinos and being it was August weather, Harrah’s pool was inviting as well.

We then headed further south into Louisiana to visit family in Slidell. Slidell is only a short distance from New Orleans so of course we were going to take in the attractions there as well. We did the French one fourth along with the push chair voyages and streetcars. The exterior coffee shops, bookstores were using this world with their sea food. All the little shops to visit and the cemeteries should not be missed either. The tombs built of sea shells and rocks are amazing things to see. When you stroll towards the Western side side of New Orleans you cannot help but see the Morial Convention Center and the River Walk. Both which deserve a try. Just downtown a couple of blocks is the New Orleans Harrah’s Casino. We arrived there about the evening meal and decided to do their buffet and play a few hands of cards. This time it was my turn to win as well as Used to do. Playing three card poker until four AM and I recently could not stay awaken any longer we walked out $3500 richer from playing a $25 dollar table.

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