Rules you must be following when you give a massage

Did you know that there are rules you must be following when you give a massage to your body? If you’re not familiar with this, there are some simple guidelines to follow to give a better massage. Knowledge is power indeed.

Don’t harm

Avoid sensitive areas like those of the armpit, groin, spinal (direct contact), throat and others. These are some of the most important parts to not use a lot of pressure. If you need to, just apply light pressure.

Utilize your entire body

You could also utilize your hips and legs when massaging and not just your hands. It is likely that if you use your shoulders or arms all by yourself, you’ll exhaust quickly. You could also lean on the weight of your entire body Can You Use Massage Gun On Stomach instead with your fingers and hands solely.

Focus on your partner, and only you.

Many people believe that massage is an act that applies pressure to various directions. However, this is not completely true. There are times when they actually look at the television or get lost through their own thoughts inside their heads. Instead, you should be focused and concentrate on the massage. Your partner knows it when you’re doing it or not. They are able to tell.

Let go of your mind

It is possible to do this by simply focusing on the massage technique. Watch how your loved one is feeling with each massage move you do. When doing so you don’t need to think about the massage you’ve performed and fret about its efficacy. Just observe and then do. Stay present.

Be imaginative

At times, you may consider performing a dramatic move like pressing his or stomach while pressing his or her head at the same time. Although this might sound bizarre and unorthodox, you should give it a try when you are aware of the difference between risk and security. The most common rule of thumb is this: in the event that you love for your companion your massage is likely be a success.

Put love right into your fingers

Although it may sound like a lot of abstract however, it is worth trying it. It will be apparent that professional massage therapists can perform this. As they rub you with their hands, you’ll feel their care and affection particularly when their fingers touch your body. It may take a while for those who are not experienced with massaging too. Be patient and it will eventually come.

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