Reasons Why You Should Blog

One of the best ways to advertise anything is with a blogsite. Authors are realizing the vast exposure they can have for their books and articles with the blogsites. The ease of posting to a blog can be anywhere there is a computer and internet access.

With a computer and an internet connection, anyone can blog easily. Due to the ease of the blogs, many news worthy events hit the internet before the major news agencies even know the situations have happened. Bloggers break the news first Igtok review. This is one reason the news industry has taken notice of the different blogsites for their stories they report on television.

Think about the many blogsites that have published news before the news was relayed on the television nfl injury updates/. Sites tell the citizens of the world things that matter. Using the blogsites to pass on information then is the fasted and easiest form of communication for many people. The information is sent around the world in mere seconds after the blog has been posted resulting in immediate communication with millions of readers.

For the authors, using the internet to have their work published in less time meant being able to reach the readers in shorter periods of time with lesser costs for the publishing. The internet became the writer’s paradise with cyberspace lending a helping hand. The writers no longer have to wait for the publishing company to reject their manuscript, the printers to finish the books, and all of the other headaches that are involved with the old fashion publishing of books and novels.

With the millions of readers, authors use blogs to notify their followers about new books as well as updates on any personal appearances. It is a great way for authors to communicate with the public without the hardships of other older means from the past. They add a chat option so they can chat live with their followers and have a stronger relationship as well.

Using the blogs creates a network of friends and followers that will help your writing business grow in leaps and bounds. Using the blogs to expand the options of the writing you take so seriously is one of the best choices any author can make.

To start a blogsite, use FactoSystem Weblog that is ASP based, for instant blogging, for an open journal, and Geeklog for the ultimate blogging system. The blog as with your books and novels, are based on content. Since you already write with content, the blog will especially easy for you. Attract your selected audience with the content using their interests.

Use RSS feeds to syndicate your blogsite. The blogsite will provide a sample of your writing style and context. The feeds will make maximum exposure for the blogsite. Add a comment section for the visitors to your site so you can get their feedback and comments. Using their information is an excellent tool for your site.

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s more breaking news than ever? In recent weeks we’ve seen numerous stories with everything ranging from Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett passing away to Sarah Palin’s surprising resignation. So what happens if there’s breaking news that you can comment on? Do you just sit by and hope someone will call you? No way! You take action. So how do you do that? Well, first off, it’s important to get into the conversation. Especially if it’s on your topic or within your area of expertise. If you can lend insight to a subject that’s being covered on television or hotly debated on your favorite cable talk show, then it might be worth getting yourself out there. Here are a few tips to hook your story on the latest breaking news topic.

1) Blog on it: if you have a blog that has any kind of a readership, and even if you don’t: be sure to blog on it. A blog is a great place to share your opinion on the subject and even (when appropriate) offer a solution.

2) Bookmark your blog post. You can do this through sites like DIGG, Delicious, Stumbledupon, and Indian Pad. Bookmarking is a way of adding links to your blog post and sharing it with the world. It’s a simple process of getting to these sites, creating an account and listing your blog post. All in all it takes about 10 min per post to set this up. Well worth it as it will help to drive traffic and interest to your message.

3) Syndicate an article: after you’ve done the blog post, write an article (perhaps with a slightly different take or stance) and syndicate it through sites like or If the topic has legs, it’s likely the media will be talking about it for weeks so having some content out there could be helpful to your message and a way to get their attention.

4) Contact your local media: one of the best ways to get local media interested in you is to offer them a local angle on a national story. myenvoyair So let’s say we’re addressing the deaths of two major pop icons, and you have written a book on historic figures. Would either of these two people be considered “historic” per se? Well, that’s debatable and perhaps a good subject for a segment. When does someone or something become historic and how do locals feel about this? There’s your local angle.

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