Betting In Football WorldCup Enhance Public Interest

Many Americans don’t realize what a massive event this World Cup is on a international scale. To look at it from a different perspective, many betting companies expect the 2014 World Cup to be the most bet-on event ever ufabet ทางเข้า. Yes, bigger than March Madness or even the Super Bowl when it comes to the amount bet.

While soccer is the most loved sport across the globe however, it’s still considered to be a second-class sport by many Americans, who find the game to be a bit boring. This perception isn’t likely to change once the first round scores start to come in, as some of those games tend to be low-scoring. If we take the 2006 and 2010 World Cups for a sampling, there was an average 2.27 goals per match in the three group play matches. The first match each team played turned out to be among the lowest scoring match of all which averaged 2.03 goals, while team’s second and third matches yielded an average of 2.39 goal per match.

There are a myriad of reasons group play games are known to be low-scoring. The primary reason is that majority of the athletes on World Cup teams come from various professional leagues , and don’t have the opportunity to play with their teammates this much. As with every other sport it takes time for teams to develop an atmosphere of chemistry and unity. Teams won’t be at their peak collectively until later in the tournament.

The other factor is the fact that players are aware of their rivals their top offensive players and can put their top defensive players on them, that can limit their effectiveness. The offensive stars are more likely to take on too much in their own way, because they have not yet built the required chemistry with their colleagues. This especially holds true when you have two strong teams that are competing, as there are plenty of skilled defenders on both teams who are capable of playing defensively in a shutdown fashion.

Another reason for why this game is low scoring is because of the way in which the tournament is structured. The tournament has 32 teams that comprise this World Cup and they are placed in eight groups. Each team will play the other three teams of their group. The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout phase, which is a single-elimination format. Teams get three points for winning while one points are awarded for any tie in group play and goal differentials are used to determine tie-breakers.

In every group, there are large discrepancies in the talent of players and when the weaker team faces a strong one, the first thing the weaker team would like to do is not to be blown out, which can be detrimental not only to the standings, but also the goal difference. The teams that are weaker will usually come out and play an extremely defensive game, but not make any effort to score however, instead, they put all of its energy in keeping the opponent off the scoreboard for as long as it is possible. The team could be more than happy losing 1-0 against the powerhouses and could continue to play a defensive game if they’re lagging by goals.

While group play continues betting on the group stage, punters must be conscious of the things that each team needs to do to progress. A weak team that needs two goals to win the third game could go all-out offensively and make it susceptible to conceding some goals. This is one reason why the second and third matches saw a slight increase in scoring, compared with earlier in the game.


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